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by @jehiah on 2004-12-07 00:27
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Visit My Christmas Wish List

Froogle added a neat little feature a shopping list wich I'll give props for the following reasons. If you want to create your own froogle wish list, just follow the links at the top right when searching froogle, then 'add to list' and you are done. IMHO it is better than the amazon wish list which I believe was the former default wish list.

  1. You can add items from virtually any store on the internet. (ok, only those that show up in froogle, but that should be practically any).
  2. It allows you to do some price-shopping for your friends (and thus friends get a realistic price guess when picking items to buy)
  3. Notes. I'm all about the notes. I can mention that I like book A better than book B.
  4. Not all items you save must be displayed in the wishlist
  5. It's google... easy to use, simple interface
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