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by @jehiah on 2006-08-27 01:03
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This afternoon I went down to revitupracing, an open racing event put on by chevy where you can race Chevy Cobalt SS on a timed auto-cross track, and try to beat the pro.

The way it works is a pro driver sets a baseline time on the autocross course (today it was 38.04 seconds), and everyone tries to get close. The race is held at a few cities nation wide, and the one to get closest to the pro driver gets to take home a brand new Cobalt. An average driver (aka just about everyone at the event) runs a time between 44 and 50 seconds. This is on the same track as the pro, and with the same exact vehicle. No advantage, just plain skillz.

This makes my second such event I've been to, this time with a few other friends. One of which is Andy Ruff. Andy and I are both avid race fans. Avid Rally Race fans to be more specific. We go to SCCA Rallies around the area, and have talked about watching a WRC race sooner or later in person, but we never miss the videos and regularly get together to watch them.

That said, Two years ago (the last time I came to rev-it-up) I got close to beating Andy's timed score after each run (you get 6 practice runs and 2 actual timed runs); but he was always a step ahead of me continuing to improve. That was frustrating... but he is a better driver.

This year I did pretty good. On the practice track i ran 20 seconds vs Andy's 18.6 (and the pro drivers 17.0). Not to bad, so we headed over for our first real timed run. I hit 42.496 seconds, and andy hit somewhere in 40 seconds. Clearly i had some work to do; after talking through a few problems in my turns and the slalom I ran a 18.3 on the practice course beating Andy's best time there. We headed back for our second competition run

I took off first and cleared a 41.013 second run, which was well into the "above average" category. Sadly I hit a cone giving me a 2 second penalty. I'm proud of my improvements, but they didn't do enough to offset hitting a cone early in my run. Andy continued to improve as well and ran a beautiful 39.779 second run. That vaulted him up to the top of his class for the day. As such he was interviewed and will probably win a prize (though not the Cobalt SS). When all was said and done (aside from my cone penalty) I was second fastest in our group.

All in all a fun day, and I'll have to work on my auto-cross skillz before next year. You can check out a few other photos on my photos page.

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