Holocaust and how It Continues Today

by @jehiah on 2004-05-06 23:30
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This is a speech that I gave on April 6th 2004 in my Speech 100 class at UMUC. It was supposed to be my 6 minute persuasive speech, but it ended up being closer to 4 min. Oh well :o)

Were all familiar with some aspects of the holocaust. What we may not realize is that almost 12 million people were killed in the holocaust. Twelve million, over a period of 6 years, that’s more than two million a year, and almost two thousand every day. Those are numbers that are just hard to comprehend.

The practical aspects of killing that many people are just staggering. People were shot in the street, shot in their homes, killed in gas chambers, incinerated, starved to death, crushed to death. There were many methods in which people were killed, and the reality of it, is what makes movies like schindlers list just leave you up at night unable to sleep. The reality is that

Men were killed, Women were killed, Old people were killed, Crippled people were killed, Brothers were killed, Sisters were killed, Mothers were killed, Fathers were killed, Children were killed, Babies were killed.

Few were spared.

As terrible as all these things are, and were, and as they sicken you to the core, there are worse things in life. There are worse things than killing 2 million people every year for a period of 6 years. Right now, this year, 46 million people will die, -- but it’s something you can change. This year we will murder 46 million unborn children and you will hear very little of it mentioned in the media. We kill our unborn at a rate 23 times faster than people were killed in the holocaust. That rate is equivalent to killing everyone that attends UMUC, which is 26 thousand people, in a period of only 5 hours.

Abortion as we know it today is so much worse than homicide. It is shedding of innocent blood. It is killing someone who is only different from you and me by being smaller, by being in a different location than we are, and by being dependent on another person for life. It would clearly be wrong to kill someone who is smaller than you. It would clearly be wrong to kill someone just because they are inside a car or some other protecting enclosure. It would clearly be wrong to kill someone who is dependent on an IV for food, or who requires a breathing tube. Yet many people have the misconception that because a child is those things, it is ok to kill them.

If that act itself was not enough to make our stomachs turn and our hearts cry, knowing how the procedure is performed surely would. The procedure of abortion is performed by a licensed doctor. That much we know. What we don’t know is that he performs the procedure plunging a pair of scissors or a spinning disk (similar to a grinder) through the skull of the fetus, causing the fetus to writher violently in pain. The doctor then uses a vacuum to suck the fetus out of the mother’s womb. It’s no wonder that many doctors will refuse to work in a place that performs this procedure.

Abortion not only takes the life of a child, but according to the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, it also gives the mother a death rate 3 times higher than if she had carried the child to term. In addition, abortion often will remove the ability for a mother to carry any child to term at any time in the future.

Many would argue that a woman should have the right to choose.

They might be surprised to hear that I agree. I agree that every woman should be able to choose -- between having sex, which may lead to a child, and not having sex. I do not however, believe that anyone, woman or otherwise, should have the right to choose to kill an unborn child.

¿You might ask me, should abortion be made illegal? I think it already is. -- Why is it considered any different from murder and genocide?

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