by @jehiah on 2006-08-21 02:23
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It does a body good!

I'm picking up a challenge to outlast Phil, Fil, Meg and Sean at posting a blog post a day.

I'm not even going to count the posts I put up on my myspace page.. because they are only half-posts anyway. Nothing a web-geek would find interesting. To close to cheating.

Speaking of cheating, this is a cheaters post #1 to get me started, because you won't learn much useful in it. You might learn though that I have some posts coming on the following topics:

  • How to track when a browser window has focus, or is in the background
  • An announcement of a tool to manage distributed services
  • Some comments about a mystery ssl + compression (deflate) bug in IE which renders sites unavailable
  • A bunch of python programming tips and practices that I've picked up
  • 1,2,3 steps to setting up a python web framework (WebWare,ZPT,FormEncode)
  • A multi-user chat application (like campfire, except you can download/install it on your very own server)
  • various other updates to things on my projects page

I might only last with a post a day until the end of september, but I have more than enough things to write to make the challenge worthwhile.

(ps if you would like to sign up for the challenge, let Phil know)

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