sushi in Zushi

by @jehiah on 2007-01-10 11:20
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I'm in Zushi japan, so what else do you go into town for than to pick up sushi!

James ran and pushed josiah in a running stroller, and I rode a bike into town. I am starting to get used to riding/driving on the left hand side of the road. It's odd but when you think about it picking a side of the road to drive on is rather arbitrary to begin with.

midtown Zushi, Japan

I must mention that Japanese drivers are the most considerate drivers in the world. bar none.

If you are driving along and you make eye contact with another driver who is waiting to enter the road, you are quite literally bound to allow them to enter the road. It's like an unwritten contract as soon as you make eye contact. And you must always watch the people on the side of the road. People ride bikes and walk on the side of every road, it's the drivers responsibility to watch for them because they have right of way.

downtown Zushi, Japan

Streets are narrow and there is no parking. you just stop your car and get out, no matter it's half way on the road. Other drivers avoid it just like they would any pedestrian there.

Oh, and they have garages for bikes; most people just don't have/use cars. The whole city is even built around the train station.

On the way back we stopped to let Josiah play on a playground for a short while. I must say that i smiled when i realized that the other kids were playing tag. It truly is a universal game.

park in Zushi,Japan

I'm also growing to be a huge fan of the photomerge feature in photoshop CS3. It makes some awesome panoramic shots, and I'm really happy i upgraded my mac recently because it sucks up a gig of ram in doing so before it spits out a 30 Mb png file.

I hope though that the panoramic shots can help give a taste of what life is like here in Japan.

When we got back to the house and were walking up to the house adventure finally struck (yes the rest of the trip into town was adventurous but true adventure catches you by surprise like this did). It was the Japanese mailman. He asked a few things which neither James nor I understood, then we figured out he actually had something for us. James signed a piece of paper and he went away after making a strange motion upwards with his hands

A minute later we realized he was trying to explain that he had a package and he had to go back to the car to get it. So he came back with a package and we received it... only thing was we weren't sure if it was actually for us!

We looked at the package, and lo and behold there was not a single name on there.... well not a name in English anyway. We finally deciphered a set of numbers where were close to the house address, but not quite the same. James took the package over to the facilities manager to let them deliver it. Turns out it was the right apt number, but wrong building. At least it was close.

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