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by @jehiah on 2007-01-08 11:46
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This is a post full of tips for new readers of my website as I quit blogging on myspace, and pick it up again here.

How to get notified when something new is posted

Easy, just subscribe via email and get a message whenever I ramble online, or if you already use a RSS reader, subscribe to my RSS feed. If you don't know... go for the email notifications.

What to expect?

not much more than i posted on myspace, just a few geeky posts which you'll have to skip over. You can also except a little bit of a style that I love from Phil Renaud. What style? Phil likes to post images along with his posts, and I'm going to try and experiment with including a random pictures in my posts.

Rules for commenting (ok, they are more like suggestions)

First off; comment on this post so I know you made the travel from myspace to safely. Second, in the months ahead I'll give some instructions to upload a gravatar icon which will show next to your comments. You can't right now because they are upgrading their service, but I'll let you know when it's time.

now for your comment....

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