Jehiah 08

Personal Annual Report

The Average Week

5,581Google Searches

searches by hour

18, Visitors

2,095App Store Sales

244, Visitors

12Pathstats Sales

194URL's Bookmarked

31Bus Trips

$1,855Spent on Trains

6,860Songs Listened To

4,869Text Messages

161Starbucks Trips

Top Songs Played

31AIR - Alone In Kyoto

31AIR - Once Upon a Time

31BT - See You On the Other Side

31Kate Havnevick - Kaleidoscope

29Above & Beyond - Liquid Love

10,781Minutes on the Phone

$1,034Spent at Starbucks

7Kiva Loans Funded

1Hat Knitted

4,423min on T-Mobile Hotspots

Top Artists Played

270Imogen Heap


215Kate Havnevick

188Above & Beyond

182Sufjan Stevens

63Netflix DVD Rentals

72Netflix Instant Videos

56Days Outside of NY, NY

133Pictures Taken

2,025IM Conversations

278twitter posts

14Days Making This Report