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Personal Annual Report

Transportation ı 311 Complaints

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First complaint, Oct 27th, 2015
Inspired by @D00RZ0NE, I reported a Livery driver in the PROTECTED 9th ave bike lane.
NYC Traffic Rule 4-12(p)(2) no driving in bike lane
That driver was not regulated by Taxi & Limousine Commission (T&LC) so the complaint was rejected. Since then, I have submitted 580 complaints to T&LC and this report will help you understand why.
Most complaints relate to conditions on the route I ride every day (8th and 9th Ave) from Hells Kitchen to Flat Iron.
I focus heavily on documenting (and reporting) moving violations.
293 (51%) Moving Violations
277 (48%) Parking Violations
6 (1%) Other Violations
We all see cars frequently running red lights. This has proved most challenging to document with legible photos because of vehicle speeds, but it can be done.
T&LC Rule 80-13(a)(3)(vii) Traffic Signal Violation
67 Complaints
8th Ave & West 25th St
I documented 17 red light violations at this one intersection. Each included photos showing vehicle before the crosswalk with a red light, them proceeding through intersection. Signal timing changes by DOT eventually resolved red-light running at this location.
West 23rd St
I've been cut off by illegal u-turns on many bike rides. If I can document it, I'll report it.
This has been a great exercise in practicing how quick I can get my phone out and take a picture.
NYC Traffic Rule 4-05(b)(1) No U-Turns in Business District
21 Complaints
West 59th St
If you can find a two way street with a upscale hotel, you've found a spot with illegal u-turns.
NYC Traffic Rule 4-05(b)(1) No U-Turns in Business District
21 Complaints
9th Ave
It's a great social injustice that bus only lanes are not well enforced. Lincoln Tunnel traffic translates directly to drivers in this 4-7pm bus lane.
NYC Traffic Rule 4-12(m) No Driving in Bus Only Lane
50 Complaints
11th Ave
Another spot where drivers throw the rules out the window when there is tunnel traffic. Some drivers clearly think the double-yellow line is a suggestion.
T&LC Rule 80-13(a)(2) Driving Left of Center
14 Complaints
Driving in the bike lane, even to "peek ahead" in traffic creates dangerous conditions for cyclists.
NYC Traffic Rule 4-12(p)(2) No Driving in Bike Lane
99 Complaints
Should I be able to safely cross the crosswalk with my kids? Far to often pedestrians can't because of vehicles "blocking the box".
NYC Traffic Rule 4-07(b)(2) No Blocking Intersection or Crosswalks
61 Complaints
Every cyclist agrees "mixing zones" are dangerous. Beyond drivers failing to yield, drivers initiating turns from the center lane do not have a clear view of the bike lane.
NY VTL 1160(b)/(c) No Left Turn from Center Lane
25 Complaints
Note: DOT street designs on 9th Ave with a center divider have zero turns from center.
Aggressive driving is hard to prove, but unsafe lane changes, or a driver trying to intimidate you out of a bike lane often involves honking. Honking is easier to make a case for in a hearing.
NYC Traffic Rule 4-12(i) No Honking in Non-danger Situations
21 Complaints
While it's a "parking" violation, obstructing a bike lane has dramatic safety implications for cyclists.
NYC Traffic Rule 4-08(e)(9) No Stopping in Bike Lane
141 Complaints

Thank You

What can @NYC_DOT learn from this?
  • This is a fraction of the unsafe situations I encounter.
  • Street designs to solve these problems are already in use.
  • Accelerate split-signal implementations
  • Protected bike lanes are safter
  • Close the gaps (PABT, Precincts)
Questions? @jehiah