Announcing Distributed Service Management

by @jehiah on 2007-01-02 01:45UTC
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Distributed Service Management (DSM) is a way I developed to start/stop/restart applications on many linux boxes from a single location at the same time.

Sooner or later you can’t fit all your servers on a 4 port switch, and you need to expand. As demand increases you have things running on dozens (or even hundreds) of servers simultaneously. This presents problems (or as i like to think of it : a challenge) for maintaining manageability.

You still need to be able to start/stop/restart applications (or services as i’ll call them) on all those servers, and you want to do it quickly, all from a single location. DSM is a flexible command line tool to let you do just that.

Here is an example of the short and sweet command line interface

user@mybox$ menu stop apache,webkit,memcached on appserver1,appserver2,appserver3,appserver4
user@mybox$ menu start apache,webkit,memcached on all except appserver2
user@mybox$ menu restart webkit on all

There are many more commands which allow for complicated start/stop commands, but those are covered on the project page

Multiple commands all run in parallel - if they are to the same or different machines. This makes it a FAST way to restart services.

Interested in using it? check out Distributed Service Management in more detail.

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