• Bitly - Where I am a Principal Platform Architect.
  • toomanycars.nyc - Tracking total NYC Parking
  • cwc - A tool for managing NYC 311 complaints to the T&LC
  • Amharic Pocket Guide - for learning the basics of Amharic on the iPhone and iPad
  • iTypeAmharic - Compose Emails and Tweets in Amharic on the iPhone
  • Amharic Letters - OSX app for learning the sounds of Amharic
  • data_hacks - command line tools for data analysis
  • urlnorm - python library for URL normalization
  • nsq.io - realtime distributed message processing at scale
  • json2csv - convert stream of JSON messages to CSV
  • git-open-pull - convert an issue to a pull request from the CLI
  • private_s3_httpd - HTTP Server for private Amazon S3 content
  • lru - Go library for caching arbitrary data with least-recently-used (LRU) eviction strategy
  • sortdb - HTTP API for querying data in a sorted CSV file
  • gomrjob - Go framework for running MapReduce jobs on Hadoop or Dataproc

Former Projects

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