New York City has a deep housing shortage, and an overwhelming abundance of cars. The following are endorsements of candidates that get the need to flip that equation while addressing Climate Change agressively and supporting sustainable transportation.

I strongly recommend the endorsements of Open New York and StreetsPAC.

ARCHIVED: Endorsements in past elections

2022 Congress

  • NY-10 - Carlina Rivera (1st choice)
    NYC bikes lanes will forever be better after Carlina's legislation to require temporary bicycle lanes during street work. This is just one of many practical and progressive legislation Rivera has introduced and championed.
  • NY-10 - Yuh-Line Niou (2nd choice)
  • NY-12 - Suraj Patel (1st choice)
    With strong YIMBY housing policy Suraj will make a good representative in Congress and with Naddler and Maloney at 75 and 76 years old respectively there is reason to desire to improve better representation of younger generations in congress.
  • NY-12 - Jerry Naddler (2nd choice)
    Jerry is listed as my second choice beause I think he has a better record than Carolyn Maloney. If you believe the race is between those two you should choose Jerry who hasn't been an anti-vaxer and wasn't opposed to the SoHo rezoning like Maloney was.

2022 NY State Senate

2022 NY State Assembly

  • Assembly District 66 - Ryder Kessler
    With a strong view on housing and transportation policy Ryder will be champion for the change that will reduce housing pricess in NYC.
  • Assembly District 75 - Chris LeBron
    It is clear Chris cares about the people in Hells Kitchen, and is willing to boldly support legislation that has languished in our Assembly to address the housing crisis by removing barriers like zoned parking minimums and exclusionary zoning while streamlining the process to build affordable housing.
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