Arrow Indicators ... the next craze?

by @jehiah on 2005-11-22 02:14UTC
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You may have noticed the new site design.

Inspiration for the new site is drawn largely from the following two Sites.

  • for the header design
  • for the heavy use of arrows as indicators. My favorite on this site so far is on this page. They kick but when compared with tabs.

Which as a side note, are you one of those people who sees the arrow in the FedEx logo?

Do you see it?

Still don’t see it?

Look again between the E and the X, pointing forward.


Hats off to Denis Radenkovic of for designing my new logo. Not only does it embody the idea of all the different skills I have through all the colors, It also just plain rocks =)

There are a thousand and one things I have wanted to add to this site for some time. Two of which i’ll mention because they are finally done!. The first is a related posts section on the right. It needs some tweaking still, but out of the box the related entries plugin works. The second is a new Topics section. An easy way to roll the categories on this site together.

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