Fixed AND Liquid Layout

by @jehiah on 2005-04-17 04:42UTC
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Molly Holzschlag asks where the diplomatic middle is in her post Fixed Versus Liquid. I have a preferences which we will go into, but it really is a nice happy medium.

Fixed Left, Liquid Content

The general idea is that navigation isn’t where you want to expand the page, but the content is. This approach also draws a line in the sand and says that the center content can only expand or contract within reason. This helps keep a page readable by keeping text from running into oblivion on those 30 inch apple displays, and on the 15 inch displays.

I like a leftnav of 170 pixels wide, and a center content that is liquid between 530 and 830 pixels wide.

    width:100%;//set default to liquid
    // in IE with javascript set to max , min, or page width minus left nav
    max-width:830px;//set min & max for mozilla

There is even a really cool example page.

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