January 12th

by @jehiah on 2005-01-03 00:25UTC
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January 12th might be a big day

1Q Earnings are released by Apple (prior guidance by Apple is .39-.42/share on 2.8 ~ 2.9B, estimates are now at .48/share on 3.12B). The more important stat to look at in 1Q results (more important than number of ipods sold) is the percentage increase in cpu units shipped over last quarter and a year ago. We already know that the ipod toped amazons list of hot items, and that says alot.

MacWorld San Fransico (jan 10-14) - Expect news about phone device with motorola and/or flash ipod (or are they the same?) Jobs has a keynote speech on the 11th. 1 2

Apple Australia - they extended the macworld event to australia, which as some others mentioned might mean an iTunes music store launch there. 3

It’s not on the 12th, but some other things to keep in mind:

Jan 25 : hearing on case against apple by resellers 4

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