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by @jehiah on 2006-05-02 21:55UTC
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So your a sys-admin, or you manage quite a few servers. What blogs do you read to gain tips / insight on how to better manage a bunch of servers?

Often I think: oh yeah, Google manages tens of thousands of linux servers; there has got to be an easier/more efficient way of doing things. I’m just looking for the people who have that insight.

I’m not just talking about linux boxes, but that is my main interest. It is also a broader question than what some people would consider “sys-admin” tasks. How do you push the same software to a dozen boxes. What do you use to manage dns zones. How do you “image” or “build” your boxes. How do you keep your network secure?

Take 23 seconds and add a comment with links to good sys-admin’s who blog, or your 2 cents. (or re-post/link to this question on your blog if you would also like to find the answer)

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