So ends 4 months of torture

by @jehiah on 2006-04-15 16:41UTC
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[editors note: once I got my MacBook Pro, I’ve been swimmingly happy, and forgot to check my spelling and hit the ‘Publish’ button.. so here you are, 2 months late.]

It’s been four months of torture using my HP compaq nc6000. Torture because every time something comes up and I find out, with a moments notice, that I need to record a seminar or play a mpeg…. I go crazy. I have to pull my hair while I find out stupid things about Windows. Stupid things like the fact that pluging a line input into the the jack labled “line input” shows up as a “microphone” in Audacity (even though it has a line input selection). Stupid things like how the hardware is so crappy it can’t play video on a second display device, though everything else works fine on the second display device.

Those were all reasons why I purchased my 17” PowerBook back in august a few years ago. It served me faithfully untill I dropped it of a table.[1] (oops) Now they are the same reasons I purchased my MacBook Pro

My windows days are finally behind me……. again!

I recieved a call from Apple today letting me know my MacBook Pro 15” 2ghz had come in, and I was as joyous as Jess was yesterday when I surprised her with a fixed car.

So what did I do my first night? Install the prerequesite software, and rsync my data from the win2k machine I’ve been taking home from work every day.

In order of installation

First things I did

  • Setup my v710 to act as a modem over verizon’s network
  • Synced my v710 with the address book (it ticks me off that i need a cable, and can’t do it over bluetooth). 128 contacts transfered.
  • rsync my Documents Folder with my linux box
  • Copy my Music folder over from my PC (10Gb)
  • rsync my Movies folder with my linux box (3Gb)
  • rsync my Photos folder with my linux box (4Gb)
  • Import iTunes XML file from my other computer. The key was to copy the iTunes Music folder over from my PC and put it in the right spot BEFORE ever opening up iTunes on the new MacBook. iTunes (upon opening the first time) converted my music library. After doing this it had all my files, play counts, (and most importantly) ratings but couldn’t find the files. I simply updated the “base” folder for my music library to be /Users/jehiah/Music and it automagically found everything. Nice =)

Still to Install

  • Photoshop CS
  • iWork
  • Macromedia Flash
  • Imagemagick
  • setup rsync to back everything up to my linux box and my old ipod regularly

[1]: it actually worked for 2 weeks after that with a bent hinge; the laptop just didn’t close all the way; then the logic board died and it wouldn’t boot up. Yes i could have gotten it fixed; but i wanted to wait and spend my $$ on a MacBook pro

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