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by @jehiah on 2006-08-22 03:34UTC
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I’ve been using my MacBook Pro for a few months(since february) now;

Here is an update with a few extra utilities which I have started using since that time. This is a follow up to the original list of items applications I configured when I first purchased it.

  • QuickSynergy - for extending your keyboard/mouse onto other machines (note: i wrote my own command line start/stop script though.. i have no need for the gui because it likes to drop a config onto my desktop.. no good)
  • Vienna - a standalone rss reader (i use bloglines for 99% of my rss feeds, but there are a few that bloglines can’t access)
  • iTunes Alarm - for making itunes start/stop on a set schedule
  • CoreDuoTemp - watch to make sure your machine doesn’t overheat
  • Azureus - a great bittorrent client
  • Flame - see other rendezvous services on your network
  • last.fm - gotta upload my itunes info
  • SimilarTunes - make a iTunes playlist of similar audio
  • VNCViewer - a second vnc viewer for my pc
  • MPlayer - a good companion to VLC
  • Frecell - games =)
  • Microsoft Office - (yeah i use Entourage)
  • Flip4Mac - play wmv files in quicktime
  • gmail notifier - nice integration with growl

But of course not everything is an add.. there are some things that I simply haven’t used. at all. They have now received the boot

  • iTerm - turns out the normal terminal is just fine for me
  • gimp - my copy of photoshop works fine

And in the category of things I’m getting ready to use? Parallels

If you have any good/bad experiences with these applications, or thoughts on what is still missing from my list, please comment below.

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