My Real Story

by @jehiah on 2006-08-16 10:48UTC
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Thanks to an idea from PPK, here is my real story….

In Vancouver, British Columbia lived a lowly stranger named Jehiah. He spent his hours riding geenies, fixing light bulbs, moving dials on a soundboards, and building the biggest turntables around. Yet, in all of this, something was missing. At first, he thought it was the environment. Too much clean water, open spaces, and gorgeous wildlife. So, he packed up his pet Emu “George” and traveled to better, cleaner, climate – Detroit. But that wasn’t it. Michigan Hall was only able to give him meager scrapings for all of his sweat and tears.

He searched and finally beheld what he was missing: Hacking. After a few mistarts; one as a barber that was fixed when his hair grew back, and another as a butcher which ended his friendship with George (though it was a surprisingly good dinner), he determined that it was computer Hacking that he was missing.

He knew that if he were to follow in the steps of Paul Graham and hack, something must change. From that moment on the world had two words attached: wide and web. At the same time the skills of this once no-body appealed to Mr. Arinc, and soon Jehiah was snatched up and given special assignments.

For too long a time, Mr. Arinc’s vision of where Jehiah could mash up “world” and “wide” and “web” was a web whose edges extended no further than a tiny network in Annapolis and whose functions were such “exciting” things as looking up phone numbers, vacation days, and the like. Fortunately for Mr. Arinc and Jehiah, a way was found for him to put the “world” in WWW and now his work shows up on computer screens around the planet.

His aspirations continued to grow until his name was no longer just a name. He had become a .com . With this new responsibility, the social introspection of the mesh we call “the web”™ picked him up and started throwing tomatoes with tags such as “rss” and “digg” at him. Jehiah took it in stride.

Plays were written about this fellow and he became a legend in his own time. His 7 siblings began to GAWK and BISON at his wealth of bytes and bits. His friends began to drool over his blue teeth. And his mom, well she was convinced to purchase a mac.

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