Suggestions for Invading Portland?

by @jehiah on 2005-07-27 13:18UTC
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July 31st through August 5th I will be invading Portland Oregon for OSCON 2005 (Oreily Open Source Convention). Read on for some of the things I am looking forward to, and some of the things I am looking for suggestions on. If anyone else is leaving from the Annapolis MD area and would like to, give me a shout.

Plane flights are great for reading. During my last flight (down to SxSW in Auston) I read the Cuckoo’s Egg, Tipping Point and Blink. They were all kicking books and I am looking for something to top that this time.

So far on the (possible) reading list I have :

  • Hackers & Painters
  • Crypto
  • The Fugitive Game
  • [your suggestion here]

Besides the time during the monday-friday conference I am looking for something to do in the city on Sunday. Sunday is my personal vacation day before the conference starts. If any Portland natives (or veterans) have any suggestions to offer, I’m all ears.

My Tutorial Lineup

  • Effective Python Programming
  • Design Patterns, Idioms, and Other Python Wonders
  • Learning AJAX
  • Introduction to XSLT

My Session Lineup

… I don’t have one yet, so speak up


No request for suggestions is complete without asking for good places to eat.

Lastly I wish I was staying here, and I just picked up an iPod Shuffle so I can listen to some tunes on the flight =)

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