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by @jehiah on 2005-02-11 18:44UTC
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Shaun Inman created a beautifull app called ShortStat which seems to have many people adicted to watching their webhits. ShortStats is beautifull in it’s simplicity and I finally installed it after reading recomendations by several people who were glued to their stats. If ShortStats is addicting though, this is a mousetrap!

Prior to trying it out, I was happy with PPHlogger , especially the overview, but it just seemed sluggish, and the umpteen tables were overkill. The one spot where PPHlogger shined was in showing the path a visitor takes through your site (which is where I obviously got the idea). This is something that virtually every package (Webalizer, AWStats, Webtrends, NetTracker) is missing. To be fair, NetTracker lets you see paths but it still pales in comparison. Also to be fair this is real-time and the above are all log analysis software so it is different. That said even my Path Analysis for log files gives this feature.

But I digress.

I have applied this same simplistic interface of pphlogger to the simplistic logging style of Shaun Inman’s ShortStat. What you end up with is the plugin PathStats which shows you complete detail for your last n users including their path.

Download PathStats

Quit drooling, just download PathStats version 1 already.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the .tar.gz file and extract into the same directory as ShortStat (if you don’t have ShortStat already, keep reading)
  2. Thats it! Browse to /shortstat/path.php and take a look.

Note if you do NOT have ShortStat installed already, download pathstats_full_v1.tar.gz which is the installation version.

You can optionally filter out the Search Engines from being displayed by changing SI_getFullPath($num,TRUE); to SI_getFullPath($num,FALSE); at line 54 in path.php


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