Per-Page Charts in PathStats 1.2

by @jehiah on 2005-06-20 02:16UTC
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Grab it while it’s hot. PathStats 1.2 is available.

Two big changes. 1) Log Fead Readers (the people, not the applications), and 2) Chart of per-page hits.

The first item (logging feed readers) is discussed in my post titled Tracking FeedReaders with ShortStat.

The second item was developed after I realized just logging a hit when someone viewed my feed wasn’t good enough. I wanted to be able to see average traffic for that specific page over time. Cue Page Charts the new addition for version 1.2.

It’s an easy way to see 160 day trends in page usage both sitewide, and for a speicific page (though only the top hitters are listed in the dropdown). You will also notice that the chart is generated via HTML and some styling because I didn’t want to introduce the dependancies needed to generate a “real” image. The per-page chart utelizes AJAX technology via Mike West’s DataRequestor object to make the interface nice and snazzy.

You can link to a specific chart by passing some query string info like such: path.php?res=/url/to/chart

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