SXSW 2005

by @jehiah on 2005-03-09 00:57UTC
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This will be my first web conference that i’m heading to just for fun. On the agenda is:

Reading. Thanks to Peter for lending me The Cuckoo’s Egg. It will be nice to finally sit down and do some fiction reading again. What? It’s not fiction? thankfully truth is stranger than fiction.

Family. One of the reasons I finally decided to hop on a plane last minute to head down to texas, is because my sister (and her family) live in Hamilton Texas, only 2 hrs away. Thanks to their kind generous offer, i’ll be crashing there for the weekend. Not only do I get to visit my god-son, but I get to see my new niece who is a month old now.

Socialize. Just a ‘few’ of the people who write blogs I follow will be there (let alone leading some panels). But the biggest deal is that it will be like-mided folk. I am disapointed that I will only be there saturday through monday, but it will be well worth it. Just check out the conference demographics. It’s probably the only place where it won’t be cool to have a powerbook =(

Study. I might be dreaming, but I would love to spend some personal time studying the word, and preparing for our next care group study (whatever I decide that will be). Kinda reminicent of New Attitude I guess. This time i’ll just have to settle for some nice preaching jams, or a few sermons on CD by Mark Dever and C.J.

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